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The West London Line Group arose in 2004 from the West Brompton Station Users' Group (set up in 1999). Members of the latter agreed that a new initiative covering the whole line was now signalled in view of the need

  1. to secure new proposed stations on the Line, and
  2. to resist the Strategic Rail Authority's proposals to curtail the through Watford –  Brighton Service at Clapham Junction.

This development has been supported by London TravelWatch, the official passenger body for the Greater London area, and by the local authorities in the West London Line corridor.


Ordinary membership of the Group is open to users of all rail services at West London Line stations and is free. Commercial membership is open to businesses benefiting from these services.

Aims and Objectives

The Group's primary aim is to seek a credible, robust and passenger-friendly set of rail services on the West London Line. The Group's objectives are:-    

  1. To promote passenger usage of trains serving West London Line stations.
  2. To engage with existing and potential passengers to identify, recommend and encourage general and specific development of rail passenger services at these stations.
  3. To support measures to enhance service quality, punctuality and passenger satisfaction.
  4. To seek enhanced on-train and on-station facilities, including those that aid interchange, especially for the elderly, those with disabilities, heavy luggage and/or children.

Areas covered

The primary area covered by the Group is the West London Line between Clapham Junction and Willesden Junction. The Group also concentrates on the whole existing or potential length of all rail passenger services using the West London Line, i.e. the Silverlink service between Clapham Junction and Willesden Junction (and its possible extension east along the North London Line), the Southern service between Brighton and Watford Junction (and its potential re-instatement to Milton Keynes) and the Virgin Cross-Country service between Brighton, the West London Line, Reading, the Midlands and the North. The Group is also concerned with rail, tube, bus and tram services that have actual or potentially good connections with West London Line services at interchanges on the West London Line and elsewhere.

Organisation and Management

The Group is led by a Chairman, supported by an Executive Committee. The present officers of the Executive Committee have been appointed temporarily, prior to elections at the Group's first Annual General Meeting.

Officers of the Executive Committee


Mark Balaam

Other Committee Members

Nick Woollven
George Jasieniecki
Jennifer Ware
Michael Barrett

Address for correspondance

West London Line Group
98 Manor Way




Details on this page were last updated on 7 May 2010